About us

  “DEKUANGJIUDING" was founded in 1992, dedicated for 30 years to the mining industry, focused on safeguarding the safety and health of miners, providing systematic solutions and equipment supporting mine heat treatment and waste heat utilization, intelligent and refined intrinsic safety gas extraction and efficient utilization. The company takes the leading industry technological advancement as its responsibility, proposing carbon-neutral heating technology for mining areas and cities dominated by power plant waste heat utilization, intelligent gas intrinsic safety extraction technology, and efficient underground heatstroke treatment technology, striving for the global mining safety cause.

Currently, DEKUANGJIUDING has five subsidiaries: BEIJING XINYUANJIUDING SCIENCE AND TECNOLOGY CO. LID, Dekuangshiye (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Sanhe Lu Mine Jiuding Technology Co., Ltd., DEKUANGJIUDING (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., and Henan Jiuding Industrial and Mining Equipment Testing and Inspection Co., Ltd.